Jim Guttmann's Bessarabian Breakdown

Release Date  Apr 4, 2016
Label  Kleztone

On 'Bessarabian Breakdown,' Jim Guttmann has assembled an all-star cast of klezmer talent that brings back that wonderful sense of rediscovering a warm, familiar friend infusing the best of the klezmer revival-era recordings of the 1970s and '80s.

Branch From The Tree

Release Date  Nov 11, 2006
Label  HRL Records

The Mirror

Release Date  Jun 6, 2004
Label  Naxos

Grammy award winning CD of music by Yehudi Wyner. Clarinetist Richard Stolzman, violinist Dan Stepner, percussionist   Robert Schulz , and bassist Jim Guttmann.

A Taste of Paradise

Release Date  Oct 10, 2003
Label  Rounder Records

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Release Date  Jul 7, 2000
Label  Rounder Records

The Art of Klezmer Clarinet

Release Date  Jun 6, 2000
Label  Traditional Crossroads


Release Date  Apr 4, 1998
Label  Meemz Music

The Singing Waltz

Release Date  Jun 6, 1997
Label  Omega Record Group

Dancing In The Aisles

Release Date  Jun 6, 1997
Label  Rounder Records

Live in the Fiddler's house

Release Date  Nov 11, 1996
Label  Angel

The second of two klezmer music recordings by Itzhak Perlman featuring the Klezmer Conservatory Band, the Klezmatics, Brave Old World and Andy Statman, recorded live in New York City at Radio City Music Hall.

Moments of Jewish Life

Project  Shura Lipovsky
Release Date  Jun 6, 1996
Label  Syncoop

In The Fiddler's House

Release Date  Nov 11, 1995
Label  Angel

The first of two recordings of  klezmer music featuring Itzhak Perlman with KCB, the Klezmatics, Brave Old World and Andy Statman.

LIVE! The Thirteenth Anniversary Album

Release Date  Nov 11, 1993
Label  Rounder Records

We wanted to call it Today We Are A Band but someone at the label didn't like that. This live recording at Boston's Berklee Performance Center has great energy, an enthusiasitc audience, a fabulous bass solo,  my favosrite yiddish song - "Adese Mame" - and everyone else's favorite, "Rumenye, Rumenye."

Rosalie Gerut: We Are Here

Release Date  Jun 6, 1993
Label  Tzuzamen Productions/Blue Hill Recordings

Fascinatin' Rhythm Demo

Project  Fascinatin' Rhythm
Release Date  Nov 11, 1992
Label  Guttmann's Home Brew


Release Date  Apr 4, 1992
Label  Northeastern

"Truly original and marvelous" Sir Yehudi Menuhin

"Bartok meets the Sex Pistols" The Boston Globe

Old World Beat

Release Date  Aug 8, 1991
Label  Rounder Records

A Jumpin' Night In The Garden Of Eden

Release Date  Jul 7, 1988
Label  Rounder Records

Oy Chanukah!

Release Date  Nov 11, 1986
Label  Rounder Records

A Touch of Klez

Release Date  Oct 10, 1985
Label  Vanguard Records


Release Date  Jun 6, 1984
Label  Vanguard Records

Yiddishe Renaissance

Release Date  Nov 11, 1981
Label  Vanguard Records

The Klezmer Conservatory Band's first recording, originally released on the Kleztone label and subsequently licensed by Vanguard Records.