Jim Guttmann's "Bessarabian Breakdown"

After performing with the  Klezmer Conservatory Band since its beginnings in 1980 and and performing with klezmer band leaders Margot Leverett, Frank London, Pete Sokolow, Andy Statman and Alicia Svigals,  Jim has taken what he's learned about klezmer music and recorded an album that successfully threads klezmer music through his work in other musical genres. The music refers to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Tower of Power visiting the Caribbean, Erroll Garner's work with Slam Stewart and the rapper Nelly as well as the traditional music of clarinetist Dave Tarras and violinist Leon Schwartz.

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Jim Guttmann's Bessarabian Breakdown

Release Date  Apr 4, 2016
Label  Kleztone

On 'Bessarabian Breakdown,' Jim Guttmann has assembled an all-star cast of klezmer talent that brings back that wonderful sense of rediscovering a warm, familiar friend infusing the best of the klezmer revival-era recordings of the 1970s and '80s.